Our Story

Who are we? Well, like a fine bottle of wine, we keep getting better with age.

We're from the great city of New Orleans. We were raised on great music, incredible local art and amazing food. We're from a can do city, and it's in our blood. We've lived through some interesting times and being in the arts has made all the difference. 

We started designing and printing t shirts in 2000, but Skip N' Whistle was established officially in Feb 2009. Over the years, we have been vendors at Pool tradeshow in Las Vegas, The Dallas Marketplace and many smaller regional shows. 

I love the name of your store, where did you come up with it? 

Well, after losing our first business during hurricane Katrina we were really upset, and would spend countless hours thinking about how to get back into the swing of things. It seemed like there were huge obstacles everywhere we looked. One night I went for a long walk and wondered what I could do to trick myself into feeling better, and get our ship back on track. I somehow had to fool myself into feeling better in the hopes that it would give me the motivation that I needed. That's when I started to skip. Then... I started whistling. Eureka! I discovered that It's hard to be sad when you're skipping and whistling :) 

So, while our story is much longer than this, Skipping and whistling became our mantra, so we embraced it as a business name to share with the world. 

Who comes up with your designs? We do! We have 100's of designs in our line, and notebooks filled with ideas. We're in this for the long run :)